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We collect and analyze millions of data points about YouTube trending videos, and present the results to you in an easy-to-use interactive dashboard.

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Why Trendflow?

See past and current trends

With historical as well as new data, you can study what became trending in the past and stay up-to-date with daily updated data.

Study trends in multiple countries and languages

Trendflow is available for many countries from all over the world. We can cover more countries upon request.

Study thousands of trending videos in one place

Trendflow's database has hundreds of thousands of trending videos across many countries, and it's growing day by day.

Find patterns quickly with data visualizations

No one wants to go through thousands of individual videos to get useful insights. That's why Trendflow dashboard is rich with data visualizations that summarize thousands of data records so you can get to the insights quickly.

But you can also dive into details

Although Trendflow is packed with effective visuals that summarize data from thousands of videos for you, you can always use the interactive visualizations to dig deeper and look at the video details of your choice.

Find out what's common among trending videos

Do trending videos tend to have longer or shorter titles? Has that changed lately? Are trending videos becoming shorter or longer? How many tags do they use? You can answer these questions and many more with Trendflow.

Interactive dashboard to focus on what you need

Do you want to study trending videos in a specific period? Or videos under certain categories?* Do you want to focus on established channels or on rising creators? With Trendflow's highly interactive dashboard, we've got you covered.

Find proven content ideas

Browse trending videos and topics and get new content ideas that are already proven to be successful. Trendflow shows you content insights extracted from thousands of trending videos.

Discover trending topics

Trendflow scans and process a large number of data points every day so you can get insights about what topics are trending on Youtube. You can look at trends over time, or you can study the historical trend of any topic.

Unlimited access to YouTube trends

Browse trending videos from the past weeks and months. Trendflow keeps what's ephemeral on YouTube so you don't miss a thing.

Study the top performing content

Some videos and channels manage to dominate the trending stage on YouTube much more than others. Trendflow allows you to focus on these top performing videos and channels to study and analyze them.

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What's Inside?

Things you'll find about trending videos with Trendflow dashboard

Most viewed trending videos.

Most liked trending videos.

Most commented trending videos.

Videos with the highest engagement rates.

Video durations: longest and shortest trending videos.

Usage of UPPERCASE words in video titles.

Number of tags used in trending videos.

Most used tags in trending videos.

Title and description lengths in trending videos.

Title and description lengths in trending videos.

When were trending videos uploaded (time of the day, day of the week)?

How long does it take a video to become trending?

How many trending videos include captions? Do they perform better?

Which videos remained trending the most?

How do video views increase while it's trending?

A single view to take a look at top videos by views, likes, comments, etc.

First ranked trending videos over time and comparison with other videos.

Which channels produced most trending videos?

See trending videos produced by each channel.

Can newly created channels produce trending videos?

How is channel age related to producing trending videos?

Channels that were able to have more than one trending video at the same time.

Trending videos and views by category* (entertainment, news, etc.)

Trending videos under a certain category.

Trendiness of a certain category.

Most common keywords in trending video titles.

Top trending keywords over time.

Trend exploration for any keyword.

Trending videos by country and language.

Trending videos archive: go back in history and see trending videos over time.

You can also filter by time and category for almost all of the tools above.

For example, you can see:

* We show videos and data for all categories (entertainment, sports, people & blogs, etc.) except the music category.

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